Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teeth whitening products

What does it mean to whiten teeth'? You will need to whiten your teeth when they for different reasons loose its natural white color. The teeth become more yellow with age but they can also be stained by various food and especially the use of snuff and smoking. Most discolored teeth can be bleached. The simplest treatment is to perform it yourself at home, with a so called home-bleaching kits. You typically use mouth trays that you apply the bleach in, then you carry dental rails a few hours a day until you achieve the whiteness you desire. To buy a whitening kit is very cheap and it´s much cheaper than going to a dental clinic / dentist where you have to pay several thousand for the same treatment. However, it is important that you go for a dental examination first so you do not have any holes, etc. that could lead to complications from tooth whitening.

Teeth whitening products to whiten teeth at home come in many designs and price ranges. You can buy a complete package containing everything you need or you can buy the different parts separately. If you already have whitening strips that would be enough to just buy the whitening gel.

Since teeth whitening for home use generally consists of the same products regardless of brand, it is very difficult to decide which product is best. Almost all products for teeth whitening at home containing bleaching gel with carbamide peroxide that is applied in a moldable mouth tray set of teeth. The only thing that determines how good the product really is, is the result and result meaning the whiteness of teeth. Other factors is the strength of the bleaching gel. Although most companies offer stronger versions it´s not recommended to buy the strongest since it can cause aching and damage teeth already have worn down tooth enamel.

For more reading about teeth whitening at home we recommend the web site . It covers all the aspects neccesary to know about when it comes to teeth whitening. 

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